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Fresco Monuments and Fresco Students

At this fresco workshop, everyone is focused on their individual projects yet working together to create a stimulating work environment.

Following Michaelangelo

Final painting from the Fresco School Workshop

Still Life with Ceramics

Fresco Painting final of still life from The Fresco School using buon fresco techniques

Fresco Study

Fresco painting from the Fresco School

Having a good time

Student enjoying the process of painting in a 3 day workshop at the Fresco School

Conditioning Fresco Paints

Students in class working on conditioning of the fresco paints at the Fresco School Workshop.

"Only Fresco..."



Our curriculum is focused on the traditional buon (true) fresco technique. Fresco School offers a full spectrum of boun fresco workshops and classes from introductory level lessons to advanced fresco programs and private fresco tutoring. Our curriculum also includes supplemental fresco restoration and mural painting seminars.

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Slaked Marble Lime Putty

Intonaco Fresco Lime Putty
Intonaco Fresco Lime Putty