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Fresco Class at Otis College

This is a photo of a fresco demonstration being conducted by iLia Anossov (fresco) for a senior class at Otis College of Art and Design.

Girl With Blue Sky Fresco

This somewhat surrealistic portrait of a young girl demonstrates how technically detailed and crisp objects can be rendered using fresco.

Lilies for Fresco

This fresco, depicting a pair of stargazer lilies, is the result of the first day of a week long fresco workshop.

Landscape Fresco

In this first time fresco painting, an artist depicts a landscape with a rolling field of light.

Fresco Symbolism

Here, a fresco student revisits the alchemical symbolism of the mystics.

Nouveau Fresco

This fresco, painted in the art nouveau style, reveals a rough texture beneath the painted surface.  

Rebirth of Venus Fresco

Here, a fresco student is inspired by Botticelli's Birth of Venus and puts her own twist on it.

Fresco Realism

A fresco reminiscent of the realism movement.

Visionary Fresco

A fresco with a contemplative aura.

The 3 Amigos

iLia Anossov (fresco), Kent Twitchell and Raphael after a fresco session.

Fresco Workshop Students with their Frescoes

A group of students pose behind their work after the fresco workshop.

Fresco Tile Plastering

Students focus on preparing the surfaces of their fresco paintings.

Frescos Displayed

iLia and class display their finished frescos at the end of the first painting day.

The Fresco Process: Verdaccio

iLia and student discussing the layer progression for fresco painting.

Mixing Colors

Fresco class color mixing at the round table.

At the Fresco School

Fresco Students enjoying a creative and inspiring atmosphere.

Study of a Woman

Final fresco painting from The Fresco School Workshops using the true fresco techniques

"Only Fresco..."



Our curriculum is focused on the traditional buon (true) fresco technique. Fresco School offers a full spectrum of boun fresco workshops and classes from introductory level lessons to advanced fresco programs and private fresco tutoring. Our curriculum also includes supplemental fresco restoration and mural painting seminars.

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